The marginalized class of people considered as a disadvantaged segment of population in the community. Democracy in any sense cannot be established unless certain minimal rights which are essential for a free and civilized existence are assured to every member of community. Marginalized class of people need to know not only that they are equal citizens of this great country but also that society will ensure that they can get an equal opportunity in every field i.e. issues of education, health services, employment, welfare, community living justice and other aspects of daily living. Realizing this very disparity, a team of professional who has not only sensitive but also trained up in implementing developmental programmes, came together on a single platform to undo the injustice meted out to these unfortunate people. The efforts of professionals took a concrete shape in the late research (CRSR) which was registered as a voluntary organization under the relevant Act. To achieve the long term objectives, organization also be registered under various other Acts at status.


Objectives are medium term direction towards achieving the vision. Activities evaluated periodically and changed if necessary at the end of the each phase.

  1. To develop models of service delivery program for the rehabilitation of physically handicapped, visually handicapped, mentally retarded, hearing handicapped, old aged and differently abled.
  2. To distribute or promote or subsidize the manufacture of prototype and distribution of any or all aids designed to promote any aspect of the education and rehabilitation therapy, physical handicapped, mentally retarded, hearing handicapped and old age differentially able.
  3. To provide education & rehabilitation services to differently abled children, Orphan children and street children through special schooling, Integrated Schooling, Day Care center, Early intervention & Training Centre, Care Centre and Home management programme.
  4. To undertake research design to develop new aids technology and techniques for educating and rehabilitating different categories of the differently abled.

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